Frayed Rope about to Break

Feeling a little like the rope is about to break. Yesterday we took Nancy to have some tests run on her electronics and overall structure to make sure everything was squared away before we got on the road.

Yesterday they came back and told us our fridge may need replacing, we would need a new propane tank (one that is made for horizontal spaces and not your average vertical propane tank that you can buy from a gas station) and a few other things that may have pushed our budget over but, hey, no sweat.

Today they called Gregg to tell him we have gas leaks (which they are fixing), and that we probably have structure damage which is why Nancy leans to one side and the door scrapes the siding when we open it on the drivers side. They said to know for sure they would have to take it completely apart which would cost more than Nancy is even worth. 😦 WHAT THE HELL. So not such minor news. We thought she was leaning due to a deflated air bag under the carriage of the RV but we were so wrong.

I haven’t been able to think about anything else since lunch. I asked Gregg if he thought we are going to have to sell it and call off the trip but he says no. Not for now. Honestly I hate fear so I am trying to keep my heart and hopes open. I am trusting that everything is okay. and if not, well then life is only teaching me what I need to learn, now. I am going to be super bummed if we can’t take Nancy on the road. We are waiting to hear back from an RV guru in the RV community named Teeka. Praying she has some reassuring news. I can’t really talk to anyone about this yet so Im letting some steam off here. Will keep you posted on the updates.

“I trust that life is happening for me and not to me.”

–  My  mantra as of right now


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