This is Nancy! She doesn’t look that fancy, but I assure you she is the fanciest RV in my world 🙂 After a very stressful Thursday last week, Gregg and I went to dinner and had two very large beers each. We spoke with Teeka and she assured us that we were not going to become the next scene on a special effects movie while driving down the road.

So, with his reassurance, we are still going on our adventure. The worst that can happen is that she breaks down and we have to sell her for all we can, rent a car, and come home!

She is almost finished. We decided against getting solar panels installed on top because they would be a little overkill with the batteries and generator that we have. Now all we have left is to get new upholstery and put in new floors! I am sure at some point we will start a new blog to keep documentation of all our adventures and I will keep you updated as that comes about! Time seems to be flying by the closer we get to our leave date.

We still have to finish selling furniture, finish storing the things we are not selling, finish painting the house, take the dogs to the vet one last time before we leave, get insurance for Nancy in Canada and Mexico, finish getting my name changed, get a new passport, and I am sure there are some things I am forgetting!

I stopped teaching my Monday night yoga class so that will free up some time to get stuff done but still we both have really crazy schedules and probably will until we leave. Its going to be such an amazing break once we do get on the road and have nothing but time and the open spaces!

I hope you’re having a sweet Monday! Don’t forget ,no matter how much is going on that there is always always an eternal spring of peace and love within each of us, and all we have to do is remember to tap in to the breath to find it!



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