What’s it all about?

Yogi | Lover | Future World Traveler

I started this blog for all those wanting to explore a healthier life style, those seeking encouragement, daily inspiration, how to’s, and love.

Look for step-by-step instructions for yoga poses and recipes.


15 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Hi Anne. It is such a pleasure to have stumbled upon a yogi, veggie and nature lover ….I am a veggie too and have faced my share of raised eyebrows. Your blog is beautiful and the pictures are truly lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog and hoping to see a lot more of you. Love n Best wishes…Khush 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words. I’m happy that my blog is pleasing to visit because it brings me so much joy! I love being a part of such a supportive community. Love and light!

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  2. So ..I’m giving clues to my age here, but when I first saw your avatar (without my glasses on) I thought it was a picture of a hershey kiss! HAHA!! I am just a yoga newbie..will probably NEVER be able to do that pose you are doing in the photo..but my hat’s off to you for sure! 🎉 Love your site!

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    1. That is so funny!!!! I love Hershey kisses and don’t mind looking like one at all 😋 I fully believe if you practice and set your intentions you can get into any Asana you want!! I once never thought I would be able to do that pose either. Thank you for the support! Love and light 😊✨🙏🏽

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      1. I think I may have a few other levels of candy to move through before I reach the Hershey Kiss level..I’m working to perfect my “Gummi Bearness” right now..just getting a little more stretchy, twisty and long.

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