Gregg and I don’t know what we are doing. We are learning as we go and will continue to once we get on the road. Gregg finally figured out what the different amps and voltages were and how they worked in the RV about two weeks ago after reading about this stuff for a few months now.

Everyone keeps saying its not “if” she is going to break down but “when.” Not if we get a flat tire but when. and I pray she doesn’t catch on fire as we ride down the road from a gas leak, or blow off the side of the road from strong head winds.(These things actually happen and I have read a lot of horror stories :/ ) I will learn how to read road maps, how to change a tire, hell maybe even how to change the oil. There are so many factors that could go wrong along the way. But there are so many things that are going to go right also.

Today marks ten days away from moving completely out of the house. Tonight and tomorrow I am going to finish painting the bathroom and touching up the walls. Then next week on the 28th and 29th we are moving out/ moving in! Gregg and I will have everything out of the house and into the RV by the 30th when we leave for our first trip with Nancy. We are spending New Years in Arkansas, hoping it isn’t freezing ,or we will have to bust out the heating blankets :). These toymo RV’s don’t hold much heat. Thankfully we will be hooked up to a camp site and not dry docking. We aren’t quite ready for that yet I don’t think.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. My last day to work at Free People is January 5th, my last yoga classes to teach at M Theory will be January 19th, last yoga classes in Tallulah are January 25th, me and Linds go to Vegas January 26th-29th, then Gregg and I say our goodbyes the 30th and 31st! Febuary 1st, we are Florida bound.

We are headed to Alachua Florida where I was yoga teacher trained in July this summer to stay for a few days. I can’t wait to be back at the Temple of the Universe. Micky Singer is amazing. He has two books published if you wanna check them out. ( The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment). I’ve read the Untethered Soul and it was really great at showing me how many walls and boundaries I still had up based on fear alone.

After Alachua, we are headed to Miami and the keys to wait the winter out. We will be there until mid March. We will be back the 11th-18th to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and to pick up the top of our wedding cake from my mom to celebrate our one year anniversary on the 26th.

We don’t really have a plan on where we are going after that. Originally we said we wanted to do the east coast first, then mid states, west coast, then head up to Canada to get to Alaska. But, now I don’t know. I think we are going to go wherever the weather is best suited for our comfort and wherever the wind blows. Maybe Mexico next? We still have to get some paper work squared away for the pups before we can leave the US now that I think about it!

Anyways, this is really surreal and time is moving so quick. I hope you’re staying warm on this chilly Monday (at least here in Mississippi).  We officially announced the big news about the trip publically. If you are on instagram and want to follow along with the story ,you can find us under the name @thejourneywithn . Blog coming soon!

Don’t forget to find something to be thankful for today.




This is Nancy! She doesn’t look that fancy, but I assure you she is the fanciest RV in my world 🙂 After a very stressful Thursday last week, Gregg and I went to dinner and had two very large beers each. We spoke with Teeka and she assured us that we were not going to become the next scene on a special effects movie while driving down the road.

So, with his reassurance, we are still going on our adventure. The worst that can happen is that she breaks down and we have to sell her for all we can, rent a car, and come home!

She is almost finished. We decided against getting solar panels installed on top because they would be a little overkill with the batteries and generator that we have. Now all we have left is to get new upholstery and put in new floors! I am sure at some point we will start a new blog to keep documentation of all our adventures and I will keep you updated as that comes about! Time seems to be flying by the closer we get to our leave date.

We still have to finish selling furniture, finish storing the things we are not selling, finish painting the house, take the dogs to the vet one last time before we leave, get insurance for Nancy in Canada and Mexico, finish getting my name changed, get a new passport, and I am sure there are some things I am forgetting!

I stopped teaching my Monday night yoga class so that will free up some time to get stuff done but still we both have really crazy schedules and probably will until we leave. Its going to be such an amazing break once we do get on the road and have nothing but time and the open spaces!

I hope you’re having a sweet Monday! Don’t forget ,no matter how much is going on that there is always always an eternal spring of peace and love within each of us, and all we have to do is remember to tap in to the breath to find it!



Rainy Monday


I haven’t written here in a while. My creativity comes in waves and lately it hasn’t come out in the form of writing. However, I am feeling the need to keep a documentation of the next month and coming year, so here I am. It is a rainy Monday. It has rained the past two days, and it is suppose to rain for the rest of the week. The rain matches the feel for this time of year to me, so Im okay with it. Forever a spring and summer baby but for some reason this winter seems a little different.

I romanticize everything, including this moment. Right now I’m soaking up all the rainy vibes while I drink chai tea and eat chia seed pudding.

Gregg and I bought an Rv not long ago and finally came up with a name, Nancy. No one knows yet except my jobs, close friends, and of course family. Gregg is waiting closer to time so that everything flows smoothly. Today marks one month before we have to be completely moved out of the house so the renters can move in. OMG. I have definitely  been romanticizing living in Nancy. It is going to be great to see so many places and have so many adventures, but I have this feeling I am going to quickly realize just how blessed I have been.

Gregg and I are going from a three bedroom house with lots of space for the dogs and cat to a 21 foot Rv. I know that this is going to make me face a lot of my greatest fears including dying in a car wreck. Because I am basically going to living on the road I will have to face this fear close to everyday. So living in Nancy I’m sure will loose its romantic appeal quickly. Im most worried about the dogs tagging along. They are use to having space to run whenever the want. We will have to purposefully set aside time to let the roam freely while not being in danger of running off of a cliff or getting eaten by a wild animal. Its also going to be a serious pain to have to put them on a leash every time we need to take the to the restroom. We usually just open the back door and let them back in a few minutes later. When it is freezing cold at two in the morning, the last thing I am going to want to do is take them walking in a Wal-Mart parking lot to go poop. But, sacrifices must be made!

Gregg and I keep asking each other if we are crazy. We acknowledge that we are and move on.

I know one day we will look back and this will be something we never forget, so we are going for it.

I read recently “If it scares you, then you are moving closer to the truth.” This has been my mantra as of late because I AM SCARED.

But fear is not our truth, so I chose love over fear.

“Be bold and mighty forces will to your aid.”

Be bold my and always follow your heart.





I’ve been home for a little over a week. The smells seem like something I imagined. The mix of incense, spices, animals, smoke, and sewage. The loud bustling of people, rickshaws, cars, market places, and music of the various temples are something that flood your ears as soon as you wake. For a week I awoke to people chanting at five am and I learned quickly why ear plugs were an item on our list to pack. I don’t really know where to start because I think I could write a book. India is wild. One day felt like two. Waking up at six am almost every morning for meditation and yoga for two hours was the norm. Incredible Indian breakfast to follow. I expected to loose weight in India but my expectations were wrong. We ate like queen and kings. I was so surprised how quickly I picked up Indian words. I even started to shake my head side to side like the locals when talking to friends. I never got used to being in India however. Every second was colorful, exciting, almost scary, but most of all, forcing me to be present. Time moves slow but so fast simultaneously. Deep vallies, hundred year old bridges, thousands of years old temples, caves, banyan trees, the Himalayas, the Ganges River, the Yamuna River. One morning at four am we walked participated in parkram. The city of Vrndavan is considered the most holy city in India. Parkram is walking around the entire city to circle over five thousand temples and four am is the most auspicious time of day to this. So when in India… We walked. For two and half hours. It was cold, dark, and early. The energy is thick everywhere you go no matter what time of day. I had blisters on my toes and my mind was wandering a thousand places as I struggled to return to my breath over and over.Soaking in every experience and sight. The city is still restless even at four am. Dogs barking at people that seemed to be up to no good while others lay sprawled randomly across the streets in nothing but blankets trying to escape the cold India morning air. When Gregg dropped me off at the airport I was overwhelmed with emotion. As he got my backpack out of the trunk and held it out to strap on my back , tears came. I was afraid and part of me didn’t want to leave but I knew I didn’t have a choice. This is what I wanted wasn’t it? I knew I was going on a journey and I wouldn’t return the same. and Im not. My whole life changed in a period of two weeks. I also told a friend when India was just a thought, a plan, “If I go to India Im just going to cry the whole time”. and thats what I did. From the time I left Jackson until the time I landed back in the United States I cried. I am on the journey still even though I am no longer in India. I am still processing what I learned, what I saw, what that means, and how to integrate all of that back into my life here in small town Mississippi. My life has already changed so much just in the past week and so much his stirring in my heart and soul. This is all I have for now but I have a lot more to tell. Mostly I am grateful for experiences and I am overwhelmed that I am able to call them my own. Trying my best to bring back what I took to share with everyone else.





Oh boy. I just found out that we are officially going to Europe for two and half weeks after Gregg and I get married. I must be dreaming. 

Traveling and even the beginnings of planning for traveling create that spark. My heart beats a little faster, my motivation a little stronger, and my yearning for beautiful things consumes me. I want to create beautiful things, wear beautiful things, see beautiful things, and eat beautiful things. Most importantly I want to love.

Home starts to feel more intimate when you travel and I love that too. 

I want to fall in love with each stranger that I pass on the street, I want to attempt to speak a new language, wander around the local flea markets, drink fresh juice and old wine, bask in the glory of what was once the heart of civilization, and be totally captivated by serene country side of the Amafi Coast. I can only imagine what it will feel like gazing up at architecture that is so intricate it doesn’t seem to be real.

This Earth is meant to explore for me. I don’t know how or why but I will be living in my own dreams when I step foot in Italy. I can’t wait to take a thousand pictures and then tell you about all the stories behind them. 

Overwhelmed, grateful, and in love.

Explore, dream, and beYOUtiful. 

                  LOVE and ADVENTURE 



Honestly it’s hard to be completely honest. Honestly I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m quick to get my feelings hurt and quick to act like it didn’t bother me. Honestly I hate change but it’s the only thing that allows continued growth. Honestly it’s scary to be me –I feel like Alice in wonderland, wondering constantly have I gone mad. Constantly feeling adventure calling my name.  Honestly I’m completely head over heels in love with my best friend. I want to quit my jobs pack up with Him and my animals, travel around the world, go to India and live for a few months,journal and blog the whole experience,  hike the mountains, explore the jungles,bathe in streams, sweat-a lot, and eat local food that probably is too spicy for my liking. Honestly I think I need to work on being more honest with others instead of being scared of reactions- to stop guarding my heart that wants to be cracked open so the light can finally shine through. Ground myself and honestly try to make this strange planet my home. I’m honestly the happiest girl in the world that just has a wandering soul.

 Honesty demands your attention, it’s untamed and wild, it’s the wind blowing, and the wolf howling. It’s the ocean tide crashing against the shore, the way a lion roars and the moon gleams.Honesty makes theheart beat a little faster and the breath a little more heavy.

Honesty- ever changing, ever growing, forever making a warrior out of us.