Life on the road as been a whirlwind! It feels that I am just now getting adjusted to living in 120 square feet. The hardest part about living in Nancy would be not having creature comforts. I mean, I didn’t think I was high maintenance until we started traveling full time in an RV. I miss my bed, my shower, different clothes to choose from, a big kitchen to cook in, AIR CONDITIONER, having a clean space, just to name a few.

On the other hand, I have been half way across America and seen a lot of beautiful landscapes, animals, people, and had countless priceless experiences and encounters. My yoga practice moved from the same spot in my house or back yard everyday to the beaches in Florida keys and the Red Woods on the Pacific Coast. Its exciting and inspiring.

Gregg and I had a bit of a rough spell when we found ourselves adjusting the first few months but now  we are closer than we have ever been ( which always seems impossible until it happens). Our trust for one another has grown so deeply. We are learning what it means to truly coexist and share a space with another human. To love unconditionally.

Ive found that through learning to love Gregg unconditionally I am learning to love God and understanding God’s love for us. This is why a marriage is so sacred.

We will be doing a whole LIVE stream or youtube video about this topic when we feel we have processed all of road life and feel open to share soon!

As for me in general, I am doing good. I have some really exciting news I will be sharing soon! I also have a retreat in the works with a  beautiful retreat center in Marrakesh located  in magical Morocco! Its not too late to put your name on the list of early sign up and details if you are interested in traveling with us to Africa. I will be releasing dates within the next week so if you are on the list, you will have the first opportunity to sign up! Comment your email or how you to prefer to be reached if you wish to be on this list.

We have about four more full months on the road before we start heading back to Mississippi for the holidays.  I have learned so much out here on the road I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

I can’t believe the amount of support from family, friends, strangers, and the universe from this giant leap of faith we took when moving into Nancy! So if you have been supporting us on our journey, thank you,  we couldn’t do it without you!

I can’t wait to see where this next chapter leads! I will share more soon! Please email me or comment with any questions or feed back you are interested in! If you want to subscribe to this blog, you can enter you email on the home page to get my blog directly to your inbox so you never miss a post! Loving you so!





When I was younger I use to think the weather changed with my mood. Looking back, my mood was probably changing because of the weather. I love that the rain can bring a sense of calmness into my heart and mind. It almost feels like savasana. A time to collect my thoughts, keep what I have gained from my practice, and then let it go. Just as the plants have time to take in what they need and have a break from the sun. Spring and summer open up my heart like no other.

Last night I had three friends over for dinner. I love cooking for people. Ram Dass says if you want to learn to love people, then cook for them! So true! I promised I would post recipe here so this is what we had for dinner. (When I am cooking for guest I usually don’t take the camera out to take after pictures of the meal! Sorry!) Yeap, you guessed it, I cooked pasta. We had four cheese ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes and cream sauce, fresh snapped peas from the farmers market that we got Saturday, wild rice with green lentils and porcini mushrooms soaked in champagne, and a fresh spinach salad with grape tomatoes and bell peppers.

I got an awesome new wooden bowl for my birthday last month that I have been loving to toss my salads in! I feel so fancy.

FOUR CHEESE RAVIOLIMakes enough for 5-6

– Pack of four cheese ravioli

– 1/2 block of cream cheese or ricotta cheese

– 1 Cup Milk or heavy cream- add more as needed

-1/2 stick butter

– eight to ten sun-dried tomatoes

– 2 tomatoes

– one shallot

– one clove garlic

-3/4 cup Parmesan cheese- I always use freshly grated

-2 tbsp white wine- sometimes I use more up to 1/4 cup depending on what taste I am in the mood for. More wine makes for a sweeter sauce

– 1/2 cup basil- Last night I didn’t use basil but its fun to add in

Chop sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, shallot, and put in pot with 1/2 stick of butter. Saute for about three minutes. Add in cream cheese until melted. Add in chopped fresh tomatoes. Stir in heavy cream or milk slowly so that sauce becomes thick and creamy instead of chunky. Continue to stir in until all desired consistency. Add white wine in last and let simmer on low heat until ravioli are ready.

Drain ravioli- If you want your sauce a little thicker save some pasta water to add to your sauce before you drain!

Toss ravioli and sauce together and serve immediately!

 What recipes do you wan to know more about? Comment above!



Does anyone else have to remind themselves it is okay not do much of anything some days? Not having school and no work for two more weeks has left me with little do besides enjoying myself, and I feel guilty. I feel I should be stressed out once a day or I haven’t done anything efficient for the day. That’s not healthy!

We get so condionted by our expectations of how our everyday lives should be. It reminds of the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland. We have somewhere to be and we are very late, for a very important date! Always! When our routine changes our thinking mind does just that – thinks. It thinks there is a problem to solve when there is actually no problem present. Create space in your life to step back and observe that there is no problem other than the one the mind is trying to create, so that it will have something to fix. 

Today I have to remind myself that it’s okay to lay in bed and read, to play tennis, to go swimming, do sparatic yoga and that be all.

The trick is to surrender to the flow and let go of how we think it should be. Our hearts know how to make us happy, so let it lead the way.

Tonight I am cooking for three friends. I will post the recipe on here tomorrow!! 

What do you do on your days off?! 

                   LOVE and LIGHT



Turning twenty four on the twenty fourth! First and Last time this will happen! Twenty four came as quickly as it will go, I cannot imagine what the upcoming year has for me, but twenty three was the greatest year of my life so far.

I got engaged to my best friend, saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, glared up at trees bigger than I could have ever imagined in the Red woods, cried leaving the west coast, visited many new cities including one of my favorites, Austin, TX, saw loads of live music, found yoga, found God, found love, and found a college I love for the first time.

I can truly say I have grown life times in the past year.

“Its all happening.”

-Kate Hudson : Almost Famous

That is how I truly feel. I don’t know how I ended up with such supportive family and amazing friends.

Going to practice yoga with Rachel Brathen tomorrow and cannot wait to be in the presence of light.

What were some life changing years in your life and why? Comment above!

They say your twenties are for figuring out who you are, I don’t think they are wrong. 



Working on scorpion.

Working on scorpion.

Once I get this done, I’ll be happy. Once I finish school, I’ll be happy. Once I buy this outfit, then I’ll be happy, Once I loose weight, then I’ll be happy, Once I get this job, then I’ll be happy. Once I get this house, THEN, I will be happy. We all have a “then I’ll be happy statement”.

This is my battle. My battle to stop the cycle of this becoming that. There is no this becoming that, just now.

We have the choice to be happy every second. I’m not sure at what point we became conditioned to think we cannot be happy all the time! The Italians know this best!!! – This is an Eat, Love, Pray movie reference if you need some inspiration on how to be happy today!

Taking eighteen hours this semester, working ten hours a week, being a full time mom to two dogs, two cats, and two chickens, having a daily yoga practice, writing a blog, balancing time for friends/family, and being an inspired healthy “chef” has me feeling a little stressed right now!

Today at work, I found myself saying, once these test are over tomorrow, I’ll be in a better mood.

I stopped at that thought and reflected on all the times I have told myself I will change my attitude once something else has changed.

But today, I chose to change myself, I chose to be happy!

Whether we choose the path we are on right now or not, no one can take our freedom of mind away. That is our power to harness.

As I go into my studies tonight, I remind myself that I chose the path I am on, and it truly does satisfy me. At this moment I choose happiness.

We are alive, breathing, living on this beautiful planet, and we can have happiness whenever we want. We just have to chose it.

What do you choose?



My fiance and I at the parade.

My fiance and I at the parade.

In Jackson ms, the Saint patty’s day parade is one of the most looked forward to days of the year for most. Green hair, green lips, green shirts, green beer, name it, and it’s probably green. The smells of people grilling and tailgate food drift into your nose as you walk down the street.

The parade has been many things for me. Throwing hundreds of beads to out stretched hands, screaming children, and walking along side a float with friends. This describes my experience in the parade for the past three years. This year was my first year to attend as a spectator.

Anticipation of reconnecting with friends that the parade lures in form out of town and out of homes sets in a week before the parade.  This year a steady downpour of rain fall would make for hundreds of people huddled closely together under tents.

All we have are memories. Little collections of presents moments we can reflect on. These memories and time spent with loved ones are our true treasures on this journey. Often I take for granted these little treasures. The buzzing of energies around the city yesterday reminds me to say thank you. Even in the rain. What are you thankful for today?

If you ever are in Jackson MS when the parade is going on, stop by. It is truly a place of high energies, smiles, families, friends, live music, beads, food, and old ladies dressed in funny tutus, better known as the Sweet Potato Queens. Just make sure you wear something green!


In honor of the parade I had this super green juice yesterday morning! Give it a spin.

2 cucumbers

1 zucchini

2 cup spinach

2 celery stalks

¼ cup parsley

½ lemons (skin peeled off)

1 kiwi

2 oranges

Looking to get some extra protein in before the gym or yoga class? This is perfect.

Don’t have spinach at home? Any greens will do! The darker the green the more the protein. This is also great for a refreshing zing if the weather is warm where you are.

Don’t have a blender? Peel your veggies and fruits, throw them in a blender, add some ice and enjoy!