Life on the road as been a whirlwind! It feels that I am just now getting adjusted to living in 120 square feet. The hardest part about living in Nancy would be not having creature comforts. I mean, I didn’t think I was high maintenance until we started traveling full time in an RV. I miss my bed, my shower, different clothes to choose from, a big kitchen to cook in, AIR CONDITIONER, having a clean space, just to name a few.

On the other hand, I have been half way across America and seen a lot of beautiful landscapes, animals, people, and had countless priceless experiences and encounters. My yoga practice moved from the same spot in my house or back yard everyday to the beaches in Florida keys and the Red Woods on the Pacific Coast. Its exciting and inspiring.

Gregg and I had a bit of a rough spell when we found ourselves adjusting the first few months but now  we are closer than we have ever been ( which always seems impossible until it happens). Our trust for one another has grown so deeply. We are learning what it means to truly coexist and share a space with another human. To love unconditionally.

Ive found that through learning to love Gregg unconditionally I am learning to love God and understanding God’s love for us. This is why a marriage is so sacred.

We will be doing a whole LIVE stream or youtube video about this topic when we feel we have processed all of road life and feel open to share soon!

As for me in general, I am doing good. I have some really exciting news I will be sharing soon! I also have a retreat in the works with a  beautiful retreat center in Marrakesh located  in magical Morocco! Its not too late to put your name on the list of early sign up and details if you are interested in traveling with us to Africa. I will be releasing dates within the next week so if you are on the list, you will have the first opportunity to sign up! Comment your email or how you to prefer to be reached if you wish to be on this list.

We have about four more full months on the road before we start heading back to Mississippi for the holidays.  I have learned so much out here on the road I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

I can’t believe the amount of support from family, friends, strangers, and the universe from this giant leap of faith we took when moving into Nancy! So if you have been supporting us on our journey, thank you,  we couldn’t do it without you!

I can’t wait to see where this next chapter leads! I will share more soon! Please email me or comment with any questions or feed back you are interested in! If you want to subscribe to this blog, you can enter you email on the home page to get my blog directly to your inbox so you never miss a post! Loving you so!





Gregg and I don’t know what we are doing. We are learning as we go and will continue to once we get on the road. Gregg finally figured out what the different amps and voltages were and how they worked in the RV about two weeks ago after reading about this stuff for a few months now.

Everyone keeps saying its not “if” she is going to break down but “when.” Not if we get a flat tire but when. and I pray she doesn’t catch on fire as we ride down the road from a gas leak, or blow off the side of the road from strong head winds.(These things actually happen and I have read a lot of horror stories :/ ) I will learn how to read road maps, how to change a tire, hell maybe even how to change the oil. There are so many factors that could go wrong along the way. But there are so many things that are going to go right also.

Today marks ten days away from moving completely out of the house. Tonight and tomorrow I am going to finish painting the bathroom and touching up the walls. Then next week on the 28th and 29th we are moving out/ moving in! Gregg and I will have everything out of the house and into the RV by the 30th when we leave for our first trip with Nancy. We are spending New Years in Arkansas, hoping it isn’t freezing ,or we will have to bust out the heating blankets :). These toymo RV’s don’t hold much heat. Thankfully we will be hooked up to a camp site and not dry docking. We aren’t quite ready for that yet I don’t think.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. My last day to work at Free People is January 5th, my last yoga classes to teach at M Theory will be January 19th, last yoga classes in Tallulah are January 25th, me and Linds go to Vegas January 26th-29th, then Gregg and I say our goodbyes the 30th and 31st! Febuary 1st, we are Florida bound.

We are headed to Alachua Florida where I was yoga teacher trained in July this summer to stay for a few days. I can’t wait to be back at the Temple of the Universe. Micky Singer is amazing. He has two books published if you wanna check them out. ( The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment). I’ve read the Untethered Soul and it was really great at showing me how many walls and boundaries I still had up based on fear alone.

After Alachua, we are headed to Miami and the keys to wait the winter out. We will be there until mid March. We will be back the 11th-18th to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and to pick up the top of our wedding cake from my mom to celebrate our one year anniversary on the 26th.

We don’t really have a plan on where we are going after that. Originally we said we wanted to do the east coast first, then mid states, west coast, then head up to Canada to get to Alaska. But, now I don’t know. I think we are going to go wherever the weather is best suited for our comfort and wherever the wind blows. Maybe Mexico next? We still have to get some paper work squared away for the pups before we can leave the US now that I think about it!

Anyways, this is really surreal and time is moving so quick. I hope you’re staying warm on this chilly Monday (at least here in Mississippi).  We officially announced the big news about the trip publically. If you are on instagram and want to follow along with the story ,you can find us under the name @thejourneywithn . Blog coming soon!

Don’t forget to find something to be thankful for today.




It’s only water

Its only fire

Its only love

Its only slaughter

We’re only liars

Its only blood 

They’re  only thoughts that

I’m  having safe within my head

You’re  only crying

You’re  only dying

We’re only dead


How many times do we run from the things that make us uncomfortable? How many times do we act out of doubt? How many times do we act out of fear? 

How many times has someone told you it’s all in your head? How many times has someone told you how perfect you are? How many times must you tell yourself that you’re perfect until you believe it? 

I tell myself everyday. And I believe it some days and others not so much. Luckily I have an incredible group of people around me to remind me when I don’t see it. 

I don’t  mean perfect in a conceited I’ve never made a mistake type of way. But an everything is okay and we are becoming who we are going to be one perfect second at a time. That’s beauty no one can take away from you – so shine. You weren’t meant to look down as you walk. Hold your head high and say hello to the world. 
Would you believe me if I told you that I’m not even sure why I started blogging?? Sometimes I feel really vulnerable posting all the things that run through my head, others it feels empowering and liberating. Just documenting my life through a blog makes it feel so much longer than it actually is. I feel when I scroll back two days it seems as if it was a week ago. -Time is a funny thing. -Sometimes I come to my blog just to scroll through and imagine myself as someone else — what it would be like to see myself through different eyes. Your eyes- It’s so odd to just have part of myself so neatly put together on the Internet. I’m actually not even sure if I am put together. Sometimes I’m doing good to juggle all the balls I have for the day without dropping any, while other days I feel I can do backflips on an elephant. But my life looks different from my blogs point of view. Maybe that’s why I can’t put it down. I like the part of me that is tangible and well organized. Part of me secretly can’t wait to look back after a year to see how much has changed. I’ve always liked making timelines in my life. However all of this, the back and forth chatter of my mind and heart- is still perfect. I feel like a broken record , but I’ll tell you until you see it too.

 Life perfectly unfolding every second. Do you ever feel something tugging, you follow, but you’re not sure why? Learning to trust that whatever happens is because that’s what is best for you. No judgement, only acceptance, and a whole new world appears. Don’t hide from what makes you uncomfortable. Take your light into the dark. 

                        ITS ONLY LOVE 



Life, death, near death all things that have happened within the past week. Obviously death is never a welcomed friend. Our minds are in the process of thinking infinitely and wrapping the idea that we will never lay eyes on someone again makes the stomach turn. Death makes us contemplate our final moment. What will it be like? Then a wave of relief floods when we realize they may no longer be suffering. All energy that once was, still is. All is not lost. 

Near death is a blessing sometimes. It makes us realize how much a person or persons may mean to us, to help us see what we take for granted, to allow insight, and sometimes to even meet God. However it’s emotional enough to take us through what it would be like without a loved one evoking similar emotions we would experience if they had died. 

New life. Seeing a child that has only been in this world for an hour. With every breath so new and oxygen making its way into the lungs as almost for the first time over and over again. How wild it must be to enter the world out of our mothers womb, all the lights, all the objects pressing and pushing into you, and finally feeling the warmth of a kiss. Truly bringing feelings of joy and bliss to watch a new baby born. 

All of these things happening at once can make it hard to process life. I saw a quote not long ago that said stop resisting. 
I constantly have to remind myself to stop letting these emotions overwhelm me and to just enjoy the experience. What can I learn from this? How can I help others through this. In what ways am I resisting the things I am experiencing. 

Though sometimes emotions can be overwhelming, they stir the heart. Instead of resisting I am slowing down and using this time to reflect. To turn my eyes inward to learn about myself and about love. Spend time with anything that causes a disturbance in the mind or heart. 

Love is not fickle and knows no boundaries.   

               LOVE and LESS RESISTANCE 




Breath of Breath, everything is breath. Everything is temporary, life is short.

Take pleasure. Eat, drink, and find satisfaction in your work.

God has placed eternity in our hearts. Nothing that is hevel (temporary) will ever satisfy a human being.

We will only be satisfied with eternity because that is what we were made for.